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MPEG. This extraordinary piece of footage was recently sent to me by a colleague on the interent.(www.sodapopsworld.com) The footage was allegedly recorded during a helicopter flight over New York city on July 24th 2000, by a couple who wish to remain anonymous I believe. It is now believed by ourselves that this clip is a hoax but on viewing it many times over, I have to say that it is very impressive. I would imagine that constructing something like this would involve the best resources possible and possibly the best in the field of special effects. To date I have not been able to establish it's authenticity. An absolute must to see and well worth the download! Click here to see our analysis and the reasons why we think this clip is a hoax.

MPEG. This very interesting piece of anomalous footage was recorded on July 12th 1997, at approximately 6:20 pm, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The cameraman (A.R.Goldman: BosSky712@AOL.com) had been recording the city skyline with his Sony video camera complete with X12 zoom lens. Unfortunately, the zoom was not used during the recording and it was only after playback of the video recorded, that he noticed the interesting anomalies on the tape. Shot from a range of approximately 3 miles with no zoom engaged, the footage is still very interesting indeed and shows two possibly three large black anomalies crossing the skyline and passing behind some of the larger buildings in the city. Unfortunately due to the distance to the anomalies from the camera, we have lost a lot of quality during the encoding process, but I have managed to enlarge the clip somewhat so that it still makes for a very interesting piece of anomalous footage. Watch an object enter the shot from middle right and then fly "BEHIND" a few buildings before going vertical showing unusual spurts of speed as it does so. That is then followed by another object from the same origin but this one flies higher over the city. They certainly do not look like any conventional aircraft and because of the flight characteristics displayed, it seems unlikely that this footage is either birds, balloons or even a helicopter of any kind.  Download the video and judge for yourselves!

MPEG. This amazing footage was recorded at around 1:00 am in Varginha, Brazil on January 20th 1996. It is alleged that an unidentified craft crash-landed near the city of Varginha early that morning witnessed by a handful of amazed and frightened onlookers. Over the next few days, alien entities were reported in various locations around the city by various sources as well as there being an unusually high military presence in the area. Apparently, the military initiated an immediate cover-up although many people had already witnessed strange events by this time enabling the story to get out around the world. This is great footage and well worth a look! Also this footage adds great supporting info, to an already very well documented and intriguing case.

MPEG. This interesting footage was recorded by a night security camera on the night of 17th July 1998 at 10:20 pm. Brought to the public's attention by UFO researcher Jerry Anderson (UFOMEK) The cameraman who does not wish to be named was scanning the night sky above Gravesend in Kent UK, when he noticed the unusual anomaly slowly moving across the night sky. The complete footage lasted for 2 minutes and 30 seconds with the anomaly appearing to change its shape as it allegedly banked away. On further research of the video, the Ministry of Defence has stated that it certainly did not belong to them as there were no military aircraft in that vicinity at that particular time. They also stated that low flying aircraft have to apply for permission to do low flying especially above a populated area.

MPEG. This amazingly clear piece of nightime UFO footage was recorded by Victor Chiluiza, his friend and his two cousins in Equador,South America. Victor said "At first we just saw it as a red light in the sky and five minutes later, I went out with my video camera and recorded the event." The film was shot at 11:47pm on September 9th 1995.The footage clearly depicts a structured,rotating craft easily visible against the dark  night sky.Victor described the object as being like a six point star that was slowly rotating whilst making no noise what-so-ever. Allegedly,there were about 500 other people who were witnesses to this event on that particular night from the city.

MPEG. This piece of video clip is absolutely amazing to say the least. Recorded by Ed Walters, outside his office, in the Gulf Breeze area of Florida, USA on the 21st July 1995. The video has been analysed by Navy physicist Dr Bruce Maccabee of the USA and he states that he believes the clip to be an authentic piece of UFO footage. The UFO is believed to have been approximately 7000 feet away from the camera when the clip was filmed and is estimated to be about 30 feet in diameter. This particular clip is only 14 seconds long played once at normal speed and then repeated in slow motion. The anomalous craft seems to perform manoeuvres that our technology today does not seem capable of (at least to my knowledge) and the unidentified craft can clearly be seen reversing its direction instantaneously, from a fast forward motion to complete reverse, disappearing from where it had originated. It should also be noted that on some better generation copies of the video, the craft clearly casts a shadow on the nearby tree line. A must to see!

MPEG. This interesting piece of footage shows a glowing saucer type ufo hovering silently in full view during daylight hours. The second part of the clip clearly shows a saucer type ufo flying and hovering at a tilted angle which is so consistent with many other well documented sightings of unidentified saucer type craft. The saucer also appears to glow a bright white colour at times as it moves about the sky, another thing that is consistent with many other ufo sighting reports from around the world. Unfortunately,at this time, we are unaware of the cameraman, time or location for this clip.

MPEG. This unusual looking craft was captured on film at 7:24 pm in Istanbul, Turkey, on the 27th of December 1997 by a cameraman called Mr Güray Ervin. The camera used to capture the anomaly was a sony video cam. The same ufo was also captured in many other cities that very same day. Turkey,Kayseri,Bingol,& Yacute;zmir,Hatay & Konya. The craft seems to be shaped like a diamond and has some very strange colouring almost glass-like in appearance. The clip is only 7 seconds long and is under half a meg so download should be quick. Could the craft shown below be of the same type UFO? It has also been suggested that this particular footage was caused by a fault in the Iris of that particular camera but I fail to see how this is the case when the camera is clearly moving whilst filming, but not at the same time as the anomaly caught on film. Surely if it was the iris causing the fault, all movements would be simultaneous. A special thanks to Erol Erkmen, Director,Tuvpo (Turkey UFO organization) for the additional info. (http://members.tripod.com/~ufolojist/vfturkey.html)

MPEG. This next piece of footage is absolutely amazing! Recorded by landscape photographer, David Spoor in Lowestoft, Suffolk in the UK. The footage itself is quite stunning depicting a craft of an apparent glass-like structure which can clearly be seen crossing the countryside at dusk, exhibiting a strange sequence of coloured lights. Footage of this quality is very rare and the fact that there are pieces of grass etc in the foreground of the clip for comparison, only adds to the credibility of the clip. The file is under half a meg and should download reasonably quick. This craft seems to be very similar to the footage shown above.

MPEG. Chris Martin recorded this footage on a Sunday afternoon (date unknown) in Bromley-by-Bow, London UK. He was sitting with his video camera beside a river when he spotted what he described as "a very bright,reflective, round metallic looking object". He decided to film the object as it silently hovered beside a group of dense clouds and luckily managed to record a few seconds of footage before the object disappeared into the cloud formation. He described the craft as being unlike anything he had ever seen before.

MPEG. This footage was recorded  On a Friday afternoon, October 10th 1998, in Cleveland USA . Local residents were startled to see three bright orange fireballs moving slowly through the blue sky over Lake Erie. A cameraman from a fox affiliate station in Cleveland, managed to capture the strange anomalies on film, as they slowly travelled across the daytime sky in full view. This footage was first shown in Detroit on Fox 2 WJBK. The video depicts two orange fireballs traversing across the sky at a slow pace, above telephone poles and treetops, with a third UFO in the lower right-hand corner, barely visible coming from behind the trees. Witnesses said "the lights were visible for half an hour."

MOV. This amazing piece of footage was recorded on October 6, 1997 at 12:45 pm. EST. East Greenwich, Rhode Island. USA . The daytime footage shot by Mr Jerome B. Turner (Equinox@ids.net),clearly shows an anomalous cigar shaped, structured craft moving from left to right and disappearing behind a nearby tree.The cameraman claims "The craft was approximately 1000 feet above the ground and was heading West to East at about the same speed as a slow moving plane. The leading edge was black and what looked like a black stripe or row of black squares was on the side."

MPEG. Here is some interesting footage of what appears to be the Belgian UFO encounter of  March 30-31,1990. The footage originates from Rai-uno which is an Italian TV station and the soundtrack is in Italian also. During the footage there is a clear nightime clip of an anomalous Triangular shaped craft exhibiting white lights on each tip and another in the centre of the craft. There is also some good footage of what appears to be one of the "Lock-on" incidents involving the scrambled F-16's which were sent to intercept the anomalous craft. This clip displays an object/target acquired through the Pilot's Heads up display Unit or H.U.D. and the whole incident was recorded on camera.

MPEG. Here is a second and larger clip of the Belgium Triangle taken during the Belgium mass UFO sightings of March 30th-31st 1990.The clip was recorded by shopkeeper Marcel Alfarano at approximately 2:20 am. He stated that he was then contacted by Government officials and advised to report the sighting as an aircraft. This object apparently was first spotted and reported to the authorities as it was moving across the Belgian countryside and also was observed hovering silently over a remote farm for about 20 minutes. There were many many eye-witnesses to this particular incident and about 800 separate investigation reports were submitted by various witnesses and very credible sources.

MPEG.Here is another small clip of the famous triangular shaped UFO. This particular clip was recorded by an unknown cameraman in Israel during 1998. The anomalous triangular sightings seem to be on the increase world-wide although there is also wide speculation that these are some kind of new technology being tested by our various governments and military.  Could this craft captured on film in Israel be the same triangular anomaly that was captured on film above the Belgian airspace during 1990 ?


MPEG. Yet another piece of footage showing what appears to be a triangular craft of some form.This particular clip was filmed in Hagen, Germany during 1980 by Mr Marrs Dommin. He has apparently recorded many ufo's during his research period and UFO tracking project, observing the sky every night with a telescope and camera. Recording all unusual events from the balcony of his apartment and has been subsequently building up a large collection of anomalous ufo data including many still pictures and video footage.

MPEG. This amazing piece of footage is believed to have originated  from somewhere in New Mexico and it is thought to have been shot sometime during 1997. The lenticular craft, surrounded by a glowing plasma, can be seen pancaking into the New Mexico desert, where it bounces up into the air after impact, leaving a huge cloud of dust. Prior to impact, its trajectory changes intelligently as it tries to avoid impact. Right after impact, the intensity of the plasma increases immensely as more power is applied. After impact, the leading edge rises too much, indicating loss of control. It then skips through the air, passing a couple of telegraph poles, and hits the ground again, where it disintegrates into a huge shower of glowing debris. Unfortunately the quality of the clip is poor but it is worth a look all the same. Could it be test flight footage from White Sands perhaps? Thanks to Tony Craddock and CSETI for the clip and additional info.

MPEG. This amazing video footage is alleged to have been leaked from the Area 51 secret  military base in Nevada,by a high ranking Military source who worked within the complex.The UFO was allegedly captured on Military cameras and shows the mysterious object to change shape and move around erratically.At one point,the object is seen to cover 13 miles in just 6 seconds,making extensive changes in velocity and performing manoeuvres that no aircraft, that we know of on this planet,are capable of doing even with today's technology.


AVI.  On a busy stretch of road, in Espiritu Santo, in Brazil in 1991,motorists were absolutely astonished to see a strange ufo performing strange manoeuvres above the road.The UFO exhibited a strange sequence of flashing lights giving off strange patterns from underneath the craft.This brought the traffic to a standstill producing many witnesses to the event.It has since been confirmed that no known aircraft were in the sky at that location, on that particular night.It is my personal opinion that the craft sighted here in Brazil is the same craft as above from area 51.

MPEG. UFO video from Bill Hamilton (SKY WATCH) was recorded in California USA and filmed at night time with a Night Vision camera. A UFO flies by a jet at high speed, it does a severe curve and must have taken several "Gs".This particular kind of footage is quite rare as night filming proves to be a difficult and costly process for the average ufo cameraman.


MPEG.Another piece of very interesting footage of an anomalous white light which just seems to materialize above a major city during daylight hours. The details are unknown at this time, but the clip itself is well worth watching. The ufo remains stationary for a short time seeming to glow very bright as if to draw attention to itself, then suddenly begins to move very rapidly to the left of the screen and out of the shot. A good piece of UFO footage.


MPEG. Mexico UFO video August 6, 1997. High resolution MPEG file to download. 320 lines of resolution.There has been much controversy following the arrival of this video clip onto the internet.It has been shown on many TV stations in the US and Mexico and it is alleged that there are about 100 witnesses to this event.I am more sceptical however as the video depicts a large saucer shaped craft hovering above the busy part of Mexico city in broad daylight.I am sure that more than 100 witnesses would come forward if this event actually did happen.Until then we will have to wait and see but if it is a hoax,it is very well done and has stood up to some rigorous analysis from the worlds best.(Latest) This video is now known to be a clever hoax.

MPEG. Yet another ufo video from Mexico.The date and time of this video are unknown but the footage clearly shows an anomalous aerial object moving slowly behind a nearby multi story building in Mexico city.The Mexicans themselves are no strangers to unexplained phenomena and UFO activity is probably reported more times in Mexico than anywhere else in the world today.This particular piece of footage has been analysed by the well known Village Labs in the United States.


MPEG.  Here is another video that was shot in Mexico.The date and location are unknown but the footage itself is quite stunning.The UFO is clearly seen to be passing by a small Mexican town at quite a low altitude, and must have been witnessed by many people as it glided smoothly across the daytime sky in full view.The video was previously presented for analysis by the Village Labs in the USA.


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